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Saturday, 25 June Match Reports and Wrap-Up

Another great Saturday of Fort Hunt Youth Rugby.

The 9s played a great set of matches with subs from BRYC. They won all three matches quite handily, and for a group of kids who have never played until this season they played as a team and used the lessons they have been taught in training. They all had standout performances, running and passing the ball well. They used the outside well, and were able to cut it off when the opponents tried to use it. We have a few speedsters on this side as well, with Kelly just running rings around the opposition.
Tons of scoring, with Michael, Kelly, Jake, Ethan and Grant all getting scores in.
Coach Layton adds: Kelly's scores were very dramatic and frequent. She ran completely across the field diagonally to get to the try zone corner each time in thrilling fashion, which although effective was dangerous and we can straighten that up I believe.
Player of the Match: Michael, for consistent straight-ahead running leading to numerous tries and, stealing ball in the open and lineouts, and even a successful try conversion. Kelly’s scrumhalf-ing was very good and alert, she even helped line up some kids when she was a back. Ethan is also a close runner-up.

The 11s had a really great day as well, crushing two of their rivals (Alexandria 1 and Chantilly), and tying the third match with Alexandria 2 .
Our slower but wiser forwards set up a number of our tries with some great runs, taking the ball right up to the goal line, to pass it off to one of the backs. The backs succeeded with SPEED and field sense, reading the defense and beating it. Patrick, Billy, Parker, and James drove through the competition. Clare, Martin, Andrei, Michael, and Fiona all ran the ball fast and smart.
Even though the scrums were uncontested we took them seriously, and the lineouts (practiced all week) were SPECTACULAR. We got the opponents a couple of times on the long ball, and even won a few of their lines just by being smart.
Scoring: Clare, Michael, Patrick, Jack, Andrei, Martin, and Patrick D.
Player of the Match: Clare for the usual leadership, defensive saves, good scrumhalfing and excellent passing, and weak-side scrumhalf runs for a tries. Honorable mention for Patrick D, who scored his first try and intercepted several because he stayed in his lane and did not play magnetball. Michael has really improved and is aggressive inside and both steals ball sand runs through traffic not worried about being tagged and makes non-panic passes, and scored a few times. Martin definitely gets a mention as a much improved player as he tried several positions and was very good at following directions and got a lot of ball and yardage as a result, and a try or two as well. We need to get that trophy up to the forwards soon enough as they all are doing their jobs very well and have learned so much and are playing so well. Fiona is all heart, and speedier and more impressive than last year and a great bad-pass-catcher; she wrote in her school yearbook that one of her goals in life is to play Rugby!

For both 9s and 11s: Or teams played the sport well. They are understanding what to do, and when to do it. Our kids just looked more organized and focused out there than our opponents did. Our blitzing backs on defense swarmed their backfield at times and produced plenty of turnovers and overall mayhem for the opponents. Several kids on the U-9 team gathered and stole their ball away and on U-11 it produced direct interceptions of their scrumhalf-to-flyhalf passing, leading to tries for Andrei on two occasions. As usual our forwards picked up many loose balls that they forced out of the clutches of the opponents. Our quick penalty starts were fast, leading to tries that we were called back for a re-do on several occasions. Opponents’ jaws dropped and parents moaned each time we shot past their turned backs. Our U-9s and U-11s were scored on only when our wings left their side of the field to defend the other and could not return in time. We'll work on that some more. Good job, touch players!

We had a great turnout, with enough Alexandria and BRYC players--aided by Joey F and Ben D--to form their own team. We had a number of first-ever players, who all did very well in the match, playing cleanly and solidly, applying what they’d learned in training.
The 13s played a half against host Prince William and then a half against the Alex/BRYC team. We won one and lost one, both by one try apiece.
Man of the Match: demonstrating the two game objectives of the day--communicate and pass-and-loop--Erik R came away with the battered trophy.

We showed with just enough guys to form a side, and took the field against host Prince William. In a wide-open game with lots of outside running and increasing use of the kick, we went down to a narrow defeat late in the match, losing by just one try. Good consistent kicking and try conversions from Tom B. Our one weakness is the need to contain the outside run.
Man of the Match: Oscar G, who managed to score four times, consistently running hard and straight with the ball, and tackled solidly in close.

Girls Tackle
The Fort Hunt Ladies travelled to Warrenton and played their first tackle match of the summer season, final score Fort Hunt 58, Warrenton 15.
Due to Warrenton's short numbers, the match was played with six players/side. Honoring the game, Carol, Jadah and Sorenda volunteered, on a rotational basis, to play on the Warrenton side, and are to be commended for their sportsmanship. The Lady Eagles exercised tremendous support play and teamwork, displayed keen sense for tactical kicking, and exploited open space.
Scoring Statistics: Tries: Helen C (4), Carol B (2), Autumn B (2), Patricia G (1), Sorenda B (1); Conversions: Helen C (4).
Woman of the Match: Patricia G. Although this was her first-ever rugby match, she executed every aspect of the game surely and without hesitation. Most notably, she delivered a hard tackle on the opening kickoff that set the tone for the remainder of the match. And her brother got the 15s MoM!
The Borkowskis took a lot of photos, which you can see on their Picasa web album. I've also posted a link to the album on Facebook.

We will practice all days this week, Tu/Wed/Th.
We will practice Tu/Wed, 5 and 6 July.

Next Matches
No matches over the 4th of July weekend.
As of 7 July, we transition to Thursday evening AND Saturday matches.
Next matches, Thursday evening, 7 July.
U-9: home v. PAC and SYC, 6:00pm
U-11: home v. PAC and SYC, 6:00pm
U-13: away v. Chantilly at SYC (Springfield)
U-15: away v. SYC at SYC
Girls Tackle: away v. Fairfax at Fairfax
Game day email will be out within a few days.

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