Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Match Reports: 18 June

9-U Touch
We didn’t have a lot of Fort Hunt players, but our Braddock Road mates helped us out a lot. Jake and Max were moving the ball well, with Max making a few key tags. We are pretty sure we won, but the score is a mystery.
Man of the Match: Max, for good, solid overall play, and an honorable mention for Jake.

11-U Touch
Also just a few, with more help from Braddock Road.
The first half tied at 20-20, but we slowly started to take control, and use more of the field. We used kicking well, did some quick-tap penalties, had good communication, and ended up winning by something like 46-35. Great play from Parker, James (first score ever!), Billy (score!), Claire at scrumhalf (score!), and Andrei (score!).
Man of the Match: Andrei, for his leadership, conversion kicking and good chasing defense, with Claire as the runner-up for her outstanding on-field communication and positioning.

13-U Boys Tackle
Prince William showed with a deep side, and our 13s also had plenty of help from Alexandria and Braddock Road, with at least 8 substitutes ready to go.
We started off well with good ball handling and straight-ahead running, but got caught fixating on the ball instead of the offense, leading to a couple of breakaway tries on the outside when PW spun the ball wide quickly.
Good strong defensive work from Andrew B and Max D, and good straight running from Alex L, Patrick P, and Jimmy F. Final score had us losing by just one try.
Man of the Match: Alex L, for consistent straight-ahead running into contact, with an honorable mention to Jimmy F and Max D for their tackling.

15-U Boys Tackle
The Prince William side had more than 25 kids dressed out and ready to play, and we had our requisite 11, assisted ably by new assistant coaches Chris Tadie, David Fay and Mike Poulin.
The pace was considerably faster than the 13s, match, with a well-coached PW side rucking and counter-rucking very well and quickly spinning the ball wide. Our defense was quite good, with solid tackling and fair play, and only a few penalties for being off-side at the rucks and mauls. Good outside running from Cullen O’B and Logan B, and nice inside work from Ruslan P, Paris M and WDB. In the end we won by an approximate score of 29-22.
Man of the Match: Tom B, for his attacking running and precise kicking, with an honorable mention to Court H for his consistent straight-ahead running and solid presentation of posted ball.

Girls Tackle
Warrenton showed with a light side, but with just a bit of field modification it was game on. Our girls dominated from the start in the 5 v 5 game, with creative play, solid passing, good positioning, looping, and some smart tactical kicking to keep the Warrenton girls off their feet the entire time.
Final score was Fort Hunt A Lot to Warrenton’s 1 try, ironically scored by a Fort Hunt substitute.
Woman of the Match: Autumn Baker, for her on-field leadership, and for consistently running in support with her scoring teammates to arrive in the goal area at the same time, which paid off eventually with her own scoring.

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