Tuesday, May 3, 2011

High School Rugby: Conduct

This is for Fort Hunt high school rugby, both boys and girls. Let's talk about conduct.

On the field, we do not talk trash, even when provoked. We do not taunt, even if provoked, whether winning or losing. Let your actions speak for themselves, be it a score, a tackle, or any other aspect of your positive, focused play. When you talk trash or taunt, you are losing your focus on play and team, and thinking about something other than working to benefit your teammates. We are gracious in victory, and we are humble in defeat.

Off the field, you are a representative of Fort Hunt Rugby. If you use a photo of yourself in any form of Fort Hunt Rugby gear in any kind of online forum or post, you are identifying yourself primarily as a Fort Hunt Rugby player and member, and you therefore represent your team, our program, and the Fort Hunt Eagles Rugby Football Club. As such, we expect all of our representative to conduct themselves properly. We expect respectful and thoughtful conduct, in action and in words. This includes online posting. Our off-field conduct can do nothing to bring shame upon you the player, your family and your friends, your team or teammates, or the club.

When in doubt, check out the club player code of conduct for a specific list of what is expected of you, and what can happen if you choose not to abide by the code of conduct.

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