Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Miscellaneous

Saw Invictus on Friday night, and I pronounce it a good film. It's not a rugby movie, as it's not the story of rugby. Rugby is the glue that holds it together, as Mandela finds a way to start to unite black and white behind a common effort, the Springboks' quest to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The film is about leadership and vision, and how that kind of faith and inner strength can genuinely change things, can make things happen.

Another great movie, in which rugby plays a role, is Forever Strong. This is a values movie, about a selfish punk who becomes a part of something bigger than himself, and finds the strength in team, instead of always playing on his own. This movie is also about leadership, making hard yet correct decisions, being honorable and honest, and staying true to yourself, your family and your team. This is a fantastic film for all rugby players, and is a great father-and-son movie.

The weather this week promises to be wacky; I don't know if we'll get to practice tonight. Stay alert, and check the website and your emails for updates.

The parents meeting we missed last Thursday has been moved to this coming Thursday, 7:00pm at Dave Poulin Field (Collingwood Park).

Tackle players: start reviewing the website links on the ruck and maul, and on off-sides. We're losing practice days to the weather, so if you do your homework ahead of time, it will save us a lot of explaining during practices.

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