Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Great Practice


Things are going well, and it looks like we'll have two full days this week to train--stay tuned for weather updates.

We introduced it last night--DRS. That's Discipline, Respect, and Safety. Have the discipline to stay quiet, listen, do as you're instructed, and keep your head in the game. Be respectful of your teammates, your opponents, officials, coaches, and property which does not belong to you. Be safe at all times, whether it's weather or contact drills and play.

It's getting hot--bring water to practice, and when the coaches call water break, make sure you drink some.

You guys are doing great, learning the basics. We're going to reinforce the scrum this week, and move on to lineouts, then the maul.

For the experienced players it may seem like baby steps, but we are setting the standard for all players, using our basic contact drills so that it becomes second nature.
As Coach Roach said last night, the more mature you are, the more you pay attention, and the more you work on these drills and master them, the faster we can move on to more complex drills and play.
Bring your mouthpiece!

See you out there this afternoon.

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